Land Zoning, Permits, and Tax-Related Guidelines for Agritourism Operators in the Commonwealth of Virginia.




Agritourism, Commonwealth of Virginia, Land Zoning, Liability, Permits, Taxes


The purpose of this review paper is to create a piece of one-stop communication about important land zoning and land use, permits and tax guidelines for farmers venturing into agritourism in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. It also examines and complements prior studies on the distribution of agritourism in Virginia. A systematic literature review is conducted. Foundational legal prerequisites for agritourism and other emerging factors for the distribution of agritourism in Virginia are identified. Farmers must invest in what they are legally expected of and also learn how best to protect themselves and their business from law infringement before and during agritourism operations. Additionally, the complementary findings of the factors of agritourism distribution can guide farmers strategically in Virginia. This review paper contributes to agritourism literature and demonstrates the relevance of safety and protection against avoidable liability. This article provides excellent grounds to begin conversations with specialists such as attorneys, tax analysts, and insurance companies who can help Virginia farmers assess risk and put their businesses on the best track.

Author Biographies

Gabriel Kwesi Yeboah, University of Urbino Carlo Bo,DESP

Gabriel Kwesi Yeboah is a final year PhD student and a visiting research scholar at the University of Urbino, Italy and at Virginia Tech, USA respectively. Currently, in the USA he is supervised by Dr. Samtani at the Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Hampton Roads (AREC). He holds a Masters in Law and a Masters in Public Administration from Italy and a B.A Geography and Rural development from Ghana.  His research interest and experiences includes Intellectual Property Rights, Payment of Ecosystem Services, Economic analysis of law and Climate Justice.

Jayesh Samtani, Virginia Tech, Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HRAREC), Virginia Tech, Virginia Beach VA, USA.

Jayesh Samtani is an associate professor and small fruit extension specialist with the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences at Virginia Tech. He is based at the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center.  He was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California Davis and holds a Ph.D. and M.S. degree from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His B.S. degree is in Horticulture from India. His research expertise includes the production of strawberries and blackberries for local markets, sustainable crop production, integrated weed management and biofumigation practices.




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Yeboah, G. K., & Samtani, J. (2024). Land Zoning, Permits, and Tax-Related Guidelines for Agritourism Operators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia Journal of Business, Technology, and Science, 1(4).